Firsthand Coffee Co-op

A Fair Trade Cooperative Connecting Mountain Communities. Check Out Our Latest Fair Trade Offerings.

Committed to Quality

We Offer Field Tested Fair Trade Organic Coffees Grown by Small-Scale Farming Cooperatives.

Artisan Roasted

Our coffees are roasted with care to bring out unique flavor profiles that you can enjoy in every cup.

Building Partnerships

Learn more about joining us as a consumer partner or a cooperating FIRSTHAND retailer, educator or student group.

FIRSTHAND Coffee Cooperative


Firsthand Cooperative is a fair trade coffee company located in the heart of Appalachia that is connecting mountain communities around the world.  We believe everyone, especially farmers, deserve a fair share of the profits from the global coffee trade. Inspired by the principles of the fair trade movement we are committed to building a sharing economy by supplying coffees from cooperatives of small-scale growers abroad and supporting social enterprise development right here in our mountain home. 

New Leaders for a New Economy

FIRSTHAND was founded by youth for youth.

Firsthand cooperative is led by and supports the development of youth leaders and social entrepreneurs who are committed to building just and sustainable economies.  Co-op Affiliates on college campuses and beyond lead our team in enterprise development, educational outreach, and make democratic decisions about how we share our profits. Over the past five years some 40 youth have played an integral role in leading Firsthand and continue to carry the torch as members of our board of directors.

Community Wealth-Building

Beyond Fair Trade

In addition to sourcing fair trade and organic coffee, Firsthand Cooperative works to build alternative economic futures in mountain communities at home and abroad by supporting local community wealth-building initiatives.  To date we have distributed more than $30,000 to projects in Nicaragua and West Virginia.  We are a long-term partner of The Working World Nicaragua (La Base), the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (COFED), the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition (WVFFA), and Refresh Appalachia. Learn more here.

Campus Co-op Affiliate Program

Establish a Co-op Affiliate Group at your College

Firsthand Co-op Affiliates contribute to the educational and cooperative development mission of our enterprise.  By coordinating activities, events, and sales on their campuses Co-op Affiliates contribute to the growth fair trade, promote sustainable development, practice economic solidarity, and earn decision-making power to determining how we share our profits.

Retail Affiliate Program

Make Firsthand your signature coffee and make transformative change a part of your business model.

Firsthand Cooperative is always searching for partners who share our vision for creating positive social, economic and environmental change in mountain communities and beyond. We offer a full range of fair trade organic coffees from around the world as well as full service retail support and consulting to outfit your business.  We not only deliver the highest quality coffee but also offer some of the most competitive pricing around. 

FIRSTHAND Co-op Affiliates - West Virginia University

Proud Partners


As a FIRSTHAND Coffee buyer you go from being a conscious consumer to an active player in building solidarity economies in mountain communities across the globe. Our product not only provides a steady market for coffee producers to earn a fair and just wage, but also creates an investment fund for cooperative and social business development in mountain communities. We also highly encourage member participation in our annual member meetings! 


Our community development partners in Nicaragua and West Virginia ensure that each dollar earned from FIRSTHAND Coffee sales is put to work in building a global solidarity economy. We are currently partnered with two organizations: The Working World (La Base), a non-profit using non-extractive finance to support cooperative development, and Refresh Appalachia a social enterprise in Central Appalachia working to establish sustainable development programs to increase the success of beginning farmers in southern West Virginia. 


FIRSTHAND would not exist without the dedicated students of FIRSTHAND. Their collective volunteer labor is the backbone of our organization, and they are rewarded with opportunity for travel, scholarships, internships, and more. Our Student Co-op Affiliates play an active role in supplementing the financial support that FIRSTHAND is able to provide to our partner organizations, and they are the leaders in educating consumers about our brand and mission.